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This removes only those frequencies lying outside the limit you specify in the Frequency band lower and upper limits... This choice can help if there is audio of a particular frequency range (such as low drums or bass) which is lost when using the other methods.

Enter the approximate frequency range of the audio you wish to retain.

A separate power supply is sent to the A/D and D/A converter for even better audio performance.

The result is clean sound quality – over 92d B signal to noise ratio, under 0.05% total harmonic distortion and 20Hz to 40k Hz response (-1/ 3d B) at 96k Hz/24-bit resolution.

A Level Align function can be switched on for playback, to smooth out any sudden volume jumps, and a built-in speaker is also provided.This plug-in can only remove vocals (or other audio) when the vocal is panned to center (that is, identical in both left and right channels). When one channel is inverted and then both panned to center, any audio which is identical in both channels is canceled out, so becomes inaudible.This means that if the audio you do not want to remove also happens to be center-panned, it will be canceled out along with the vocals.Peak Recording works in rehearsal mode or in record, so if the performance is louder than the soundcheck you’re still safe.Used with the built-in limiter, it’s unlikely you’ll distort your career-making live recording.

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