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Over the years, with the help of her intelligence services, UMNO refined and expanded the powers at her disposal, until it has become her War Machine a fearsome power that struck terror in the opposition parties. Ch 2: UMNOs War Strategy (Updated) It will be useful to review some basic principles that we have touched on in earlier articles: 2.1 What does the Ruling Class want: Power and wealth The Ruling Class is basically governed by greed and fear.

The UMNO War Machine This is the mental model ( (more definitions of mental model here ( & here ( for UMNOs War Machine together with the other sections of government that she uses against the opposition parties and the Rats (aka The Masses or the Rakyat). ) relationship whereby leaders for UMNO are drawn from the upper rungs of the civil service while those who did not join UMNO but served loyally, are rewarded with directorships in Govt Linked Companies (GLC) or in the companies of crony businesses upon their retirement. ( and should help to explain why the police and the top civil servants are behaving in such a blatantly partisan manner in Perak ( today (). 2.2 What do they require of the Rats: Docile & submissive, easy to control Dont think too much, preferably a bit dumb. Cheating during elections: In a true democracy, where the rules of elections are fair and transparent, no party can hang on to power for more than 15 years.

Coup7May2009Mental Model1Chronology of Events: 25 Aug 08 ACA/MACC & Judiciary: The Sting ( race part vi/Rat Race Part VIThe Malaysian Politic-3Amendment: UMNO Rebels added race part vi/Rat Race Part VIThe Malaysian Politic-2Amendment: Tentera Wataniah added under VII Militias The key to UMNOs power is the government civil service. Hard-working, dont complain too much Productive: Can produce more baby Rats for regeneration. Therefore, the Ruling Class will put in most, if not all, of their efforts to ensure that the Rats never wake up. Generally, the Ruling Party becomes corrupt, decadent and decrepit.All Ruling Classes are fully aware that the Rats can turn and when they do, generally it is unstoppable. Eventually, the voters get tired of them and throw them out during elections. UMNO has remained in power for 52 years and looks set to hang on for another 4 years.THE RAT RACE PART VI MALAYSIA: HOW DID UMNO STAY IN POWER FOR SO LONG? 1: The UMNO War Machine UMNO is Britains greatest success story in neo-colonialism ( The British intended for UMNO to be their proxy in the control of Malaya.The British would never have dreamed that their poster boy would have survived for 61 years from 1948 with the signing of the Federation of Malaya Agreement. ( This was run by the children of the Malay tribal chiefs and the Royalty. Hence they gave them all the levers of power before handing over officially on 31st Aug 1957.

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