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It often means a coalition of majority Arabs and a few indigenous African tribes (mainly Fur, Nuba and Fallata) with other Arab tribes of western Sudan (mainly Guhayna), as opposed to Bedouin Abbala Arab tribes.

The bulk of "baggara Arabs" live in Chad, the rest live, or seasonally migrate to, southwest Sudan (specifically the southern portions of Darfur and Kordofan), and slivers of the Central African Republic, South Sudan, and Niger.

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They occupy the shore of Lake Chad and migrated from Nigeria since World War II. The Mahdi's second-in-command, the Khalifa Abdallahi ibn Muhammad, was himself a Baggara of the Ta'aisha tribe.

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The political use of term "baggara" in Sudan denoting a particular set of tribes is limited to Sudan.Starting in 1985, the Government of Sudan armed many of the local tribes among them the Rizeigat of south Darfur and the Messiria and Hawazma of neighboring Kordofan as militia to fight a proxy war against the Sudan People's Liberation Army in their areas.They formed frontline units as well as Murahleen, mounted raiders that attacked southern villages to loot valuables and slaves.Baggara tribes in Sudan include the Gawamaa, Rizeigat, Ta’isha, Beni Halba, and Habbaniya in Darfur, and the Messiria Zurug, Messiria Humur, Hawazma, and Awlad Himayd in Kordofan, and the Beni Selam on the White Nile.For complete and accurate account about Baggara tribes, see: Baggara of Sudan: Culture and Environment.

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