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Rumple, who's got Pandora's Box in his hand, is seen walking through the jungle with Regina.

The young Rumplestiltskin looks glum as he watches his father pack away his stall.

Regina realizes that there's something Gold isn't telling her and asks what happened when he and Neal saw each other, but he says that all she needs to know is the next time he sees his son, it will be when he's putting Henry back in his arms and father and son are reunited.

Back in time, Malcolm knocks on the front door to someplace, and his son Rumple asks where they are.

ONCE UPON A TIME In Neverland, Pan is seen laying a "sick" Wendy down on a bed in his compound in front of Henry and carefully tucking her in.

Henry asks how she is, and Pan says he fears she's getting worse.

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