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I couldn't update the game of course, but rather than let me play offline or something I was prompted to check for errors and denied from playing. I even tried re-creating it to make sure I wasn't being fooled.Now if something like this ever happens on a 360 or PS3, you can still play until you get back online, at which point the update is required (as I'm sure you all know). I deleted my connection's security code, and then even the connection itself, and both times was prompted to fix/create connections, then booted away from the game.Like say my internet fails to work for whatever reason, and there's an update for a game (not sure how it would know).Am I just completely unable to play until I reconnect?Added support for custom firmware 4.66 CEX (Rev2) Added support for custom firmware 4.70 CEX (Rev3) Added support for custom firmware 4.70 DEX (Rev4) Added support for custom firmware 4.75 CEX (Rev5) Added support for custom firmware 4.75 DEX (Rev6) Added support for custom firmware 4.76 CEX (Rev7) Added support Cobra.

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This counts for offline play too: If for whatever reason you delete a game's update you absolutely CANNOT play until you get back online and fully update it. I must've popped the disc update off before, for whatever reason, and was forced to re-apply that along with the newer one.I could be mistaken, but I think it just does the download automatically.But if you push the Home button and tap the download manager icon (far right of the touch screen), it shows you if anything is downloading, and the download progress if anything is on its way.The latest update to the Wii U also allows the system to download game updates (and system updates) while the system is turned off (it periodically turns on in standby mode to see if there's anything available, though it can be turned on fully at any time during this).Game updates will be installed immediately, but system updates will not be installed until the next time the system is turned on (which is a good idea, in case the Wii U decides to start downloading a system update when the power situation might be iffy).

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