Skype 2014 naked chat

Ultimately, it is a Voice-Over IP program that has quickly gained popularity in the mobile cell phone field.

Obviously, as smart phones and tablets hit the market, Skype quickly expanded by offering their own mobile App version, and being that you could make free calls, video chat and share files for free with other Skype users, it is used by many today.

The next established tracking software provider that offers proper Skype monitoring is Flexi Spy.

With compatibility across Android and Apple i OS, the service offers the same chat logs, call history with time and details, and even goes all the way to displaying emoticons and stickers, which no other spy app offers at this time.

As mentioned across this article, currently, it is only possible to get call log information, and not actual recordings of the calls or webcam chats.

But, considering the obstacles, full visibility on contacts with time and date, along with full chat conversation logs and saved media files is way better than nothing at all.

For that reason, as a reviewer blog, I cannot honestly suggest their service over others. Like most other third party chat and VOIP calling apps used on smart phones, it is very difficult to monitor their activity, and only a handful of the best spy apps are currently offering Skype tracking, along with other similar apps like Whats App, Viber, and social networks.

The service also offers long distance plans for calling external phone numbers, and free local calling.

A few advantages can be gained by monitoring and logging Skype usage.

The feature is currently only compatible with Android phones and tablets, or Apple i Phones and i Pads.

While Flexi Spy offers Skype compatibility with both Android and Apple, m Spy only supports Apple.

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